A sustainable concept for closed fish farming at sea

Key numbers

12.000 tons

Estimated production capacity

7.800 tons


20-40 years

Expected life-time


Expected mortality rate

200 μm

In-water filteration

0-50 meters

Water inlet depth


Particular waste collection


Pumping and filtration capacity each cage

Hs4 & Hs7,5

Sea characteristics complete facility & single cell

Hexacage's goals

A marine steel structure with sea characteristics, protection and life time as for vessel

Fully control in-water by filtering all water in, secure water volume and control the current within the cage

Eliminates all stress inducing operations

Hexacage is thoroughly sustainable within biology, environment and energy

Hexacage enables industrialized fish farming in closed cages

Hexacage's facilities ensures a healthy and stress-free growth of the fish

Hexacage – a marine steel structure

The Cage

Height: 28m
Diameter: 36m
Inner water volume: 21.000 m3

The Collar

Height: 7m
Diameter: 46m
Inner volume: 8.000 m3
Coverage area: 1.050m2

The Cage and Collar Integrated

Feed injection system
Crowding system
Ballast system
Waste handling/collection
Dead fish handling
Lights, sensors and cameras
Flexible suction in-water

Key features with biological focus

All in-water filtered to remove lice,
laerve and eggs.

Flexible in-water system to take water
from temperatur favorable depth.

Controlled hydraulic in cage to
optimize current to fish size.

Fish transfer to another cage or vessel without pumping

Crowding with less stress

Biological gains

No escape - no predators

No lice or lice treatment

No net cleaning

No use of cleaner fish

Improved biological performance

Mortality expected <4% /year

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